Manual Scavengers

A person engaged or employed by an individual or a local authority or an agency or a contractor, for manually cleaning, carrying, disposing of, or otherwise handling in any manner, human excreta in an insanitary latrine or in an open drain or pit into which the human excreta from the insanitary latrines is disposed of, or on railway track or in such other spaces or premises, as the Central Government or a State  Government may notify,  before the excreta fully decomposes in such a manner as may be prescribed, and the expression ‘’Manual Scavenging” shall be construed accordingly.
a)    “engaged or employed’’ means being engaged or employed on a regular or contract basis;
b)    a person  engaged or employed to clean excreta with the help of such devices and using such protective gear, as the Central Government  may notify in this behalf, shall not be deemed to be a ‘manual scavenger’.