Sanitary Marts Scheme

A Sanitary Mart is a one-stop-shop for all things for sanitation and hygiene.  It is a shopping place where the sanitary needs of the common man could be met.  It serves both as a shop and as a service centre.

Objective Under the scheme, financial assistance would be extended to individual beneficiaries/self help groups of Liberated Manual Scavengers/Safai Karamcharis and their dependants for setting up of Sanitary Marts .
Quantum of loan 90% of total cost with a maximum of Rs. 15 lac.
Promoters’ contribution 10% of the total cost of a Sanitary Mart will be brought in by the beneficiaries
Interest Interest payable by the beneficiaries shall not exceed 7% p.a. (1% p.a. rebate for   women beneficiaries and 0.50% rebate for timely repayments.)
Repayment Term loans drawn from NSKFDC will be required to be repaid upto 10 years in quarterly installments.
Moratorium A moratorium period of 6 months in addition to implementation period of 4 months will be allowed.