Education Loan (EL)

Education Loan is being extended to the students from the community of Safai Karamcharis\Manual Scavengers & their dependents for pursuing

  1. Professional or Technical Education of Graduation or higher levels in Medical, Engineering, Management, Law, IT/Computers.
  2. Graduation courses in all disciplines (i.e. B.A., B.Sc; & B.Com etc).
  3. Sanitary Inspector & other similar job oriented courses having minimum period of one year, Diploma in Physiotherapy, Pathology, Nursing, Hotel Management & Tourism, Journalism & Mass Communication, Geriatric Care.
  4. Academic/Professional courses at Graduate & Post Graduate level like Bachelor of Education, Ph.D, Language courses, BCA, MCA etc; (from authorized/recognized Institutes/Universities).  
Interest Rate:
Maximum Limit Interest Chargeable from


Study in India -upto Rs.10.00 Lac

Study in Abroad -upto Rs.20.00Lac

[The interest on Education Loan (for study in India) is reimbursable under the scheme of Ministry of Education,Government of India to the beneficiaries whose family annual income is upto 4.50 lac per annum]

SCA Beneficiary
1% p.a. 4 % p.a.(0.5% p.a. rebate for women candidates for study in India) 

The interest on Education Loan is reimbursable under the scheme of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India to the beneficiaries whose family income is upto Rs.4.50 lac per annum.

Repayment period: 5 years after co-termination of course with a moratorium period of one year.